Acne in pregnancy is a commonly observed phenomenon in many women. This condition is a result of the wide hormonal fluctuations witnessed during this period. The general ups and downs in pregnancy are in fact, a result of this very hormonal change. Pregnancy acne generally decreases in severity as the pregnancy advances and may soon disappear. A woman may experience acne not only on the face but also body acne.

Acne In Pregnancy

Acne treatment during pregnancy is best done through a regular and natural skin care regime. Follow a routine strictly and keep your skin clean, well-hydrated and well nourished. All it needs is cleaning with a mild wash and keeping dry. Avoid make-up and other products that can irritate the skin. This is the best acne solution for your body acne as well. With a little effort and care you can keep the acne in pregnancy under control.

Pregnancy acne does not have many options for treatment. This is due to the fact that most of the acne treatment during pregnancy can cause damage to your unborn baby. The regular acne treatments can have life threatening impacts on your baby and thus, is best kept for post pregnancy. Anti-acne solution like accutane and tetracycline are some of the acne treatment during pregnancy that must be avoided. It can cause serious harm like birth defects in your baby. There are however, some topical creams that may be suitable for treating acne during pregnancy. This may also be used only after consulting your medical practitioner.

Acne After Pregnancy

Most pregnancy acne is cured on their own after delivery. However, there are some cases in which women continue to suffer from acne after pregnancy. This may be due to the fact that you are breast feeding or that your body needs a little more time to settle down.

If you are not a nursing mother then post pregnancy you could consult your dermatologist regarding the effective acne solution that can provide you relief from pregnancy acne. Acne medication of many kinds are available online that can offer you an effective cure from the pregnancy acne condition. Acne solution with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are seen to be good and effective acne solution after pregnancy.

Acne can be a very difficult condition. The types of acne and the severity also vary from one person to the other. Pregnancy however, is a condition that poses new restrictions on the use of medication for acne. Pregnancy acne can sometimes be very severe and distressing and thus, you need to consult your medical practitioner. Acne in pregnancy may be treated with a skin care regime and some safe acne solution for your baby.

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Post pregnancy if you still are worried about the acne condition then a dermatologist needs to be consulted. There are several lines of treatment that can be adopted for acne after pregnancy. Follow the instructions strictly and you are sure to be able to get rid of your acne after pregnancy without any problem. In case the pregnancy acne has left its fair share of scars, then it would be best to consider other forms of treatment like a chemical peel or surgery for repairing the damage. Pregnancy acne is curable. Do not expect results overnight. Be patient and follow the instructions for a smooth glowing complexion post pregnancy.

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Acne After Pregnancy

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