Acne or any skin pathology is disturbing to the sufferer from aesthetic point of view. Everyone wishes to look good and the acne is an obstacle to this dream. However, if the acne papules or blisters are not painful, it is easier to bear them but if they are painful, handling becomes tedious. Especially the acne blisters that are located on the body, especially butts are very painful.

The butt acne therefore deserves special mention in every acne book, because of their odd position and pain. Many people feel embarrassed to consult for these painful conditions. Thus the butt acne is ignored in many cases, thus rendering it more painful.

Acne On Butt

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The facts about butt acne

One should understand certain things about butt acne so that there are no more misconceptions and one need not hesitate to consult physician for them. Let’s see -

  • Butt acne lesions are no different from acne chest, acne scalp or face. They also result due to abnormalities of sebaceous glands and excess oil secretion.
  • The lesions of acne on butt usually accompany acne on other sites.
  • The butt acne because of frequent friction while sitting is painful and lead to blisters more often than acne on other sites. The chances of blisters getting infected is more in case of acne on butt.
  • Unhygienic conditions enhance formation of butt acne.
  • At times sudden burst of butt acne can result due to allergy to certain detergent used for clothes or soap.

So, one should keep an eye on butt acne in case they are suffering from acne on other body parts.

What are the treatments for acne on butt?

As with other acne sites, butt acne also requires more or less similar treatment. Let’s see what different treatments can offer you-

  • Finding the cause
    Before commencing on to any treatment, it is better to assess any allergic reaction to any new underwear or detergent used for its wash. Sometimes nylons or synthetic yarn can lead to butt acne. In this case, removing the cause is enough for butt acne cure.
  • Handling butt acne
    It is known fact that butt acne are due to unhygienic conditions. So, better be cautious regarding your rear. Use a soft bristle brush or loofah sponge to exfoliate the skin there while bathing and you will surely be happy about the results over a period of time.
  • Treating butt acne with vitamin B5
    It is claimed that Deficiency of pantothenic acid present in vit B5 results in acne. So, consuming it in defined proportions lead to healing of acne quickly. But the results are controversial.
  • Chinese medicine to treat butt acne
    As with acne on other sites, Chinese medicine help treat acne on butt effectively. Because being herbal in origin, it does not yield any side effects and leads to soft skin mildly. Also the body metabolism is rendered normal through Chinese medicine thus harmonizing underlying imbalance.
  • Zits treatment
    This means nothing but curing acne. The zits cure can be done with simple home remedies too. The home remedies of acne are equally effective for butt acne too. So, garlic, lemon, mint, cinnamon, cucumber, orange peel, etc are useful for butt acne as well.
  • Rash acne buttocks
    If it is allergic rash and you cannot find any cause pertaining to it, you should consult physician and take anti-histaminics according to his prescription.
Acne On Butt

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Thus, now you know that even for butt acne, there are remedies that are used for acne on other body parts as well. Just ensure that you go through top rated acne treatments and then decide which one will be beneficial to you.

Professional help should always be sought especially if the butt acne is giving rise to much pain. Render your rear clean through the most apt treatment!

Get Rid Of Butt Acne

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