Rosacea is probably one of the worst types of acne to have. Unlike regular acne, rosacea is much more persistent and aggressive. In addition, rosacea can cause scarring more frequently then regular acne. Unfortunately, treatment of rosacea is a difficult subject. Normal acne medication just won’t work with rosacea due to the fact that rosacea can get inflamed very quickly and easily.

Most of the acne products that are used in the treatment of acne are either gels or creams. These products usually contain substances that cause vasodilatation or the opening of the capillary blood vessels. Most acne products have alcohol or salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide which all can cause extreme vasodilatation. This puts rosacea sufferers and the dermatologists at a dilemma, as normal treatment methods won’t be sufficient for rosacea.

Usage of Zinc in the treatment of rosacea

As you know, zinc is a very important mineral for our body. It is usually found in cheese, red meat and sea food. It is essential for various body processes and enzyme exchange mechanisms. Zinc is also very important for your immune system and it normally helps to heal your wounds.

People who are suffering from zinc deficiency usually have problems related to open sores and un-healing wounds. Many people who take zinc will have their immune systems boosted so that they can fight viruses and bacteria better. This is one of the main reasons why doctors recommend taking zinc for the flu. Thus there have been extensive studies trying to link zinc to acne and especially to rosacea.

The nature of the rosacea is that it is bacterial in nature. The primary as well as secondary infections can aggravate and fuel rosacea even more. In fact the skin will get irritated and it will get even more inflamed. However, if you use zinc, many double blind studies

a double blind study is a special study in which the researcher and the participant in the experiment is not aware of who is receiving a placebo and who is receiving a drug. This way the evaluator is free from bias and self deception so that the results can be more objective
have shown that using zinc greatly enhances the body’s immune system to target the acne and rosacea causing bacteria to diminish them greatly in numbers. Moreover, the skins natural chemical balance is restored and the secondary by products of acne is also greatly reduced causing even further relief from acne.

Some Extra Suggestions for using Zinc in Rosacea

Recent studies show that a marked improvement can take place in rosacea patients between 65% to 80%. The zinc helps them stop or reduce rosacea and they also have marked improvement on their skin. However, zinc needs to be taken with copper to protect against copper deficiency (which is caused by excessive zinc). Also zinc can be taken in a pill form or as a cream in zinc oxide form. In any case, the rosacea bearer will be able to have some relief.

Rosacea Can Be Cured With Zinc

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